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Get physical exam forms signed now for fall sports


The first day of practice for Minnesota high school sports is Aug. 13. Schedule sports
physical exams now so your kids don’t miss a day of practice. 


Do your kids play fall sports? Now’s the time to get required Minnesota sports physical exam forms signed. Seeing a doctor during summer means problems can be identified earlier. And your student can get back in the game.


Aim for six weeks (or more)

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children involved in school athletics should get sports physical exams at least six weeks before the start of the sport’s season. This allows time to work up any new health concerns and rehab lingering injuries. Basically, it ensures there won’t be unexpected delays getting your student-athlete on the field.


Injury rehabilitation for kids

While kids heal quickly, some injuries take more time. Proper rehabilitation and physical therapy can require some time and effort. Whether your kids are playing football, soccer, cross-country or another demanding sport, the body needs time to heal. Many minor nagging injuries can be related to bigger alignment and health issues.


Concussion questions?

A back-to-school exam is the perfect time to voice any concerns about concussions. Concussions are most common in contact sports like football or soccer, but can occur during almost all sports. Symptoms, severity and duration vary from person to person.


MSHSL sports form

Get sports forms signed to participate in Minnesota high school sports. If your kids had a well-child visit in the last year, they might not need to come in again. We can help with whatever forms are needed.