Lakeview Health System

Manage my medicine effectively

Am I taking medicine to treat my symptoms or to improve my overall health?

At Lakeview Health, we treat each person from a holistic perspective. Focusing on your overall health – not just the symptoms of any condition – allows you to be as healthy as possible. Regardless of your concerns, we can help.

Feel informed. Talk to a pharmacist. Schedule an RxCheckup appointment.

Are you taking too many medicines? Do you take multiple prescriptions from numerous specialists? We trust doctors and specialists to prescribe the right drugs for our conditions. But who is looking at the whole picture? Who is making sure all the drugs you’re taking interact well?

Did you know that pharmacists have more education than most doctors about how medicines interact? Our pharmacists can review the medicine you’re taking. Then, they use that information to create the optimal medicine plan for you.

Make sure your medicine is working how it should be. Talk with a pharmacist at the Stillwater Medical Group Clinic (your insurance may cover the cost). Call 651-430-4670, and ask to schedule an RxCheckup appointment.


Be safe
With RxCheckup, you meet with a pharmacist who will confirm that the medicine you're taking is safe and effective. The pharmacist can also confirm that your medicine has no negative side effects or interactions. 
  Feel good
Feel good knowing the medicine you take is right for your lifestyle. You don't need to worry about the long-term effects of taking several prescriptions or whether the meds you currently take have side effects.  
  Save money
There are several ways you may be able to save money on your medicine. Pharmacists may recommend taking fewer drugs, find generic alternatives or create a plan to help you get off some medicine.