Lakeview Health System
The Future of Prostate Cancer
"What it shows is that currently prostate cancer is often overtreated (mainly prostatectomy) because the doctors and patients are not individualizing the risk as well as they should, and not using a Shared Decision Model.   The article shows the  future for prostate cancer  is not to stop screening altogether but  to more carefully choose who to aggressively treat by including AS into the treatment mix.

We are doing this at Stillwater Medical Group, more so than most clinics based on my feedback, by using Shared Decision Making and explaining the role of AS and employing the latest genetic testing (Prolaris) to help us do it.  I believe our patients will benefit. Less side effects and the opportunity for curative treatment if the cancer progresses.  It is the future of prostate cancer treatment." --Dr. Thomas Stormont  ''

Click to view the full article in Minnesota Physician.