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Monday, June 10, 2019 - Relevant health advice: Coming to a podcast near you

What’s cell phone slump? How many is too many when it comes to ear infections? How do you know if you or a loved one has developed a dependency on alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs?

These questions and more are explored in a new podcast series from HealthPartners, For health’s sake: A simple chat for better health.

The podcast features doctors, midwives, physical and occupational therapists and more from across HealthPartners’ St. Croix Valley and western Wisconsin hospitals and clinics, talking about the everyday health topics that interest people.

Midwife Michelle Rice, CNM, usually sees patients in person at the Lakeview campus of Stillwater Medical Group. She was eager to get involved when she heard about the new podcast series and based her first episode on Birth control options beyond the pill.

“So many of our patients already listen to podcasts that I thought it would be a great way to reach them where they’re already listening,” said Rice. “There’s a lot of confusion about different birth control options available to women and so this seemed a perfect topic to highlight in a podcast format.”

In her free time, Rice likes to listen to podcasts about evidence-based ways to use food as medicine, such as Nutrition Rounds and Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger.

For health’s sake podcast episodes featuring local medical providers from Stillwater include:

Michelle Rice, certified nurse midwife, who recorded an episode, Birth Control Options Beyond the Pill, for the For health’s sake podcast.

Podcasts have experienced explosive growth over the past 12 years and 51 percent of Americans have listened to at least one episode. Thirty-one percent of people aged 25 to 54 have listened to a podcast in the past month, and, on average, listeners listen to all or most (more than 80 percent) of episodes.

For health’s sake podcast episodes are accessible anywhere with a mobile device. It means it’s a great way to reach people where they’re most comfortable (49 percent of people listen to podcasts at home; 22 percent listen in the car). For health’s sake podcast aims to educate, update on new developments, and raise awareness of services and programs.

New episodes are added often. Check out the most recent uploads at the podcast homepage: