Lakeview Health System
Financial Aid Application

Stillwater Medical Group

To find out if you qualify, please complete the application below or contact our Credit Department at 651-439-6528 OR 1-800-598-2544.

Please send the completed form to:

Stillwater Medical Group Business Office (1500 Curve Crest Blvd, Stillwater, MN 55082)

Lakeview Hospital

Lakeview Hospital offers financial assistance.  Information on eligibility, how to apply, and how financial assistance is calculated is fully described in Lakeview’s Financial Assistance Policy. View the Financial Assistance Policy and application form below.

To print or download please right click the following link: Financial Aid Application (english) | ES-US | HM | SO





Please send the completed form to:
Lakeview Hospital (927 Churchill St. W. Stillwater, MN 55082)

Lakeview Hospital calculates financial assistance based on patients’ household income compared to what’s called the Federal Poverty Line (FPL).  Patients whose household income is less than 200% of FPL will receive the most generous discount. Above 200% of FPL, the level of financial assistance will depend on household income, family size, and the total hospital charges for the care.  Please refer to Lakeview’s Financial Assistance Policy for more information.  If a patient has received emergency or other medically necessary care at Lakeview and is eligible for financial assistance, Lakeview will not charge more than amounts generally billed to patients that have health insurance coverage.   

How to Apply:
To apply for financial assistance, patients must fill out an application form and return it to Lakeview Hospital in person, by mail or by fax using the contact information above. Patients will be asked to provide documentation verifying income (such as a federal income tax return) and information about current or potential health insurance coverage (such as Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance).  The Lakeview Business Office can be reached by phone at 651-430-4533.  Please refer to Lakeview’s Financial Assistance Policy for more information.

For questions and assistance please contact the following:

  • 651-430-4533  (Hospital Business Office)                                                     
  • 651-430-8591 (Hospital Business Office Fax)
  • 651-275-8248 (Homecare Business Office)
  • 651-430-8505 (Homecare Business Office Fax)