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Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

About the Cardiac Rehabilitation

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation? Cardiac Rehabilitation is a comprehensive program designed to prepare patients with heart disease for an active and productive lifestyle. Cardiac Rehabilitation has four components:

  • Evaluation
  • Monitored Exercise
  • Education
  • Support

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an outpatient service. The treatment of each patient is individualized to meet the specific patient needs. Patients attend Cardiac Rehabilitation three times per week for 6-12 weeks.

The admission process consists of a thorough medical history, an evaluation, and a six minute walk test.

Monitored Exercise
A significant component of Cardiac Rehabilitation is the closely monitored exercise program. Patients exercise three days per week using aerobic exercise equipment (treadmill, stationary bicycles, recumbent stepper, etc.) Patients are challenged to increase their tolerance to exercise through gradual increases in workloads. While exercising, patients have their heart rhythm, blood pressure and oxygen saturations monitored by trained healthcare professionals.

Patients also have opportunities to attend group and individual education sessions that promote healthy lifestyle changes. Educational topics include diet/nutrition, risk factor modification, medications, stress management and the benefits of exercise.

Patients work closely with highly trained professionals on an individual basis. Progress is monitored and adjusted as needed to help patients reach their optimal potential through a healthy approach.

Will my insurance pay for Cardiac Rehabilitation?
Medicare, as well as most third party insurance companies, will cover Cardiac Rehabilitation. Patients are encouraged to contact their insurance provider prior to enrolling in the program.

Who is eligible for Cardiac Rehabilitation?
Those who have had a heart attack, open heart surgery, heart transplant, stable angina, PTCA/stent, or valve repair/replacement are eligible for Cardiac Rehabilitation. A physician referral is required.

About Pulmonary Rehabilitation

What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?
Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a program of education and exercise training that stresses proper care and symptom management for the patient with pulmonary disease. Pulmonary Rehabilitation is offered on an outpatient basis. Patients attend rehab sessions two days a week. Sessions include education about pulmonary disease and breathing techniques, as well as regular exercise.

Each Pulmonary Rehabilitation patient participates in an initial assessment. This includes a thorough evaluation of the patient’s medical history, as well as a review of their current health condition. An exercise tolerance assessment and a physical evaluation are also performed at this time.

Monitored Exercise
An essential component of Pulmonary Rehabilitation is the exercise program, with an emphasis on impoving endurance through progressive training within the limits of each individual. The documented benefits of the exercise training include increased tolerance of shortness of breath, increased appetite, better physical capability, and improved quality of life.

Patients have opportunities to attend group and individual education sessions that emphasize healthy lifestyles.

Throughout the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program, patients benefit by working closely with highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals. Each patient’s program is individualized to his or her needs.

Will my insurance pay for Pulmonary Rehabilitation?
Most insurance companies will cover Pulmonary Rehabilitation services.We encourage patients to check with their insurace provider prior to enrolling in the program.

Who is eligible for Pulmonary Rehabilitation?
Patients with impairment due to lung disease (including emphysema, COPD, asthma, and more) are eligible. A physician referral is required.


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