Lakeview Health System

Stillwater Medical Group physicians and providers work together to address your primary and specialty care needs. When we cannot meet your speciality needs here at SMG, your provider will recommend you to the best specialist to meet your needs. We maintain referral relationships with specialists in order to offer you the best healthcare possible.

Some insurance plans require you to obtain a referral from your primary care provider or clinic in order to see a specialist. It would be helpful to become familiar with your insurance plan requirements. Regardless if a referral is obtained, payment from your insurance is not guaranteed. Request a referral to see a non-Stillwater Medical Group specialist:

If your insurance plan requires you to obtain a written referral to see a non-SMG provider, you should discuss your referral request with your primary care provider. Typically, referrals are given only if the care is not available at SMG. If your SMG provider determines that your specialty care will best be met outside SMG, he or she will facilitate a referral.

Our Referral Coordinators are available to assist you with the referral process. You can call them at 651-275-8290.

The role of the primary care clinic
Many insurance plans require members to designate a primary provider, clinic, or clinic system. The expectation is that the clinic system will meet the majority of a patient's care needs within that clinic and its associated specialists. If at any time you do not agree with our decisions about referrals, you have the right to appeal through your insurance company. Please call your insurance plan's customer assistance number for information about its appeal process.

Out-of-town coverage
Some insurance plans offer coverage for out-of-town medical care. If you spend time away from the area (for example, away at college or down south for winter months), it is important to understand your insurance coverage before you leave. Please call your insurance company with questions about out-of-town coverage.