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Common Pregnancy Questions
I think I am pregnant when should I schedule my first appointment? First appointment is normally with a registered nurse at approximately 10 weeks gestation followed by an appointment with a provider at approximately 12 weeks.  These dates would change if there are any complications.

When should I make my first appointment for my pregnancy? 
You may see an OB nurse at 10 weeks. Followed by a visit to an OB/GYN Provider at 12 weeks.

When does breast milk form? 
Glands enlarge throughout pregnancy; Colostrum will begin to develop between 6-7 months.  

When should I change my sleep position?
You should no longer sleep on your back in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.  

Can I use nail polish?

Can I get my hair done?

How long is each trimester?
  •  1-12 weeks = First Trimester  
  •  13-27 weeks = Second Trimester
  •  28-40 weeks =Third Trimester  
When will I feel the baby kick?  Normally fetal movement will be felt starting around the 18th week of pregnancy; some may feel movement earlier, some a little later.  

When should I tell people that I am pregnant? This is a personal decision and should be done when you feel comfortable sharing that information.

What are some tips for morning sickness? Trying having a healthy snack between meals, include protein in meals and snacks if possible.  B6 vitamin 25mg three times per day.  Ginger ale or gingersnaps can be soothing to the stomach.  Call triage in the Ob/Gyn department if continued problems.

What are common causes  of a miscarriage? The cause of most miscarriages is unknown, may be a abnormality with the pregnancy.  Women who have had multiple miscarriages should talk with their Ob/Gyn provider.

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