Lakeview Health System
Become a Patient & Family Advocate

Stillwater Medical Group and Lakeview Hospital are looking for patients and families to voluntarily serve on the following programs:

  • Lakeview Hospital Patient & Family Partner Program
  • Women's Health Patient & Family Partner Council 

Qualifications: No special experience or background is required.

We are seeking patients and families who are: 

  • Committed to improving care and service for all patients, families, and community members 
  • Willing to listen and consider different points of view 
  • Able to share both positive and negative experiences in a constructive way 
  • Enthusiastic and positive about Lakeview Hospital's desire to be the patient-centered hospital of choice 
  • Able to communicate with people from different backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles, and points of view. 

How do I know I am ready to be a Patient & Family Partner? 
The statements below can help you determine if you are ready to be a Partner. If you do not agree with all of them, it does not mean that you cannot be a Partner, but they may be things you need to consider more carefully. 

I am ready to be a Patient & Family Partner when: 

  • I am willing to talk about the positive and negative care experience I had as a patient or family member of a patient. 
  • If I had any negative experiences, I am coping well and am ready to respectfully share my ideas about how things could have gone differently. 
  • I am ready to speak up and share suggestions and potential solutions to help improve hospital care of other patients and family members. 
  • I am willing to think beyond my own personal experiences. 
  • I can bring a positive attitude to discussions. 
  • I can listen to and think about what others say, even when I disagree. 
  • I am willing to keep any information I may hear as a Partner private and confidential. 
  • I enjoy working with people who are different from me. 
  • I am willing to learn how to best serve as a Partner. 
  • I have time in my schedule to be a Partner. 

Ready to become a Patient & Family Partner? Fill out the registration below.