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Orthopedic Surgery
#1 Hospital in MN for Orthopedics

Lakeview Hospital is Ranked by HealthGrades as: #1 Hospital in MN for Overall Orthopedic Services in 2012 and Top 5% in the Nation for Overall Orthopedic Services 7 years in a row.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery
We were the first hospital in the state of Minnesota to perform a MIS (minimally invasive surgery) hip joint replacement, and we are one of the select pioneers in MIS knee replacements.  Our orthopedists and surgical staff are highly trained and experienced in these specialized procedures.

There are many advantages to MIS knee and hip replacements.  Specialized instruments allow the surgeon to perform the replacement through a 2-4 inch incision instead of the usual 10-14 inch incision.  The smaller incision means less disruption of the underlying hip and knee muscles and tissues which allows the patient to recover more quickly and usually with less pain and blood loss.  In the majority of cases there are shorter hospitalization times and quicker recoveries.

Orthopedic Surgeons:
For biographies on these providers, please visit St. Croix Orthopaedics, PA.

Bruce J. Bartie, DO
Melanie L. Berg, DPM
Glenn W. Ciegler, MD
Thomas K. Comfort, MD
Mark T. Dahl, MD
Jason P. Dieterle, DO
Christian M. DuBois, MD
Ryan R. Karlstad, MD
Robert V. Knowlan, MD
Michael R. Meisterling, MD
Steven W. Meisterling, MD
Steven D. Meletiou, MD
Nicholas J. Meyer, MD
David H. Palmer, MD
Timothy J. Panek, MD
Andrea M. Saterbak, MD
William T. Schneider, MD
Troy A. Vargas, DPM
Nicholas G. Weiss, MD