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Orthopedic Surgery


Lakeview Hospital is ranked #1 Hospital in Minnesota for overall orthopedic services! 

Why you should choose Lakeview Hospital for your orthopedic care: 

  • Affordable, low-cost joint and spine procedures - compare hospitals here.
  • A low infection rate of 0.9% compared to national reported rates of 1.2%-2.1% for total joint replacements 
  • Performs 68% more total joint replacement procedures each year compared to the MN hospital average
  • Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)
  • Treatment options for knee and hip replacement
  • Getting your active lifestyle back

Is Joint Replacement Surgery right for you?

Whether it’s your knee, hip or something else, joint replacement surgery can help those struggling with severe pain. Find out if it's the right choice for you. 

Learn more by attending an informational class, or schedule an appointment with your physician at Twin Cities Orthopedics. 

About our Orthopedic services:

Lakeview Hospital is proud of its reputation as a leader in orthopedic surgery. We were the first hospital in the state of Minnesota to perform a MIS (minimally invasive surgery) hip joint replacement, and we are one of the select pioneers in MIS knee replacements. Our orthopedists and surgical staff are highly trained and experienced in these specialized procedures. We keep you at the center of what we do and assure that every patient that comes to our hospital receives individualized care. This individualized care is made possible because of the following attributes of our hospital:

Industry Leading Physicians
Lakeview Hospital has partnered with Twin Cities Orthopedics, Midwest Spine Institute, and Stillwater Medical Group Foot & Ankle Surgeons to assure the highest quality clinical care is being delivered.

Joint Connections®
A pre-operative class designed specifically for patients who will undergo total hip or total knee replacements at Lakeview Hospital. Participants will gain an awareness of what to expect during and after the procedure. Register for a Joint Connections Class

Rehabilitative Services
Our on-site physical therapists work closely with your orthopedic surgeon to assure that your recovery and rehabilitation will get you back to your daily activities as soon as possible. For those patients that continue to need therapy services after their hospital discharge but are unable to come to the hospital, we can provide therapy services within your home.

Pain Management
We deliver a customized pain management approach for every patient. We recognize that every patient is different and has different needs. Our anesthesia team, along with your surgeon, will develop an individualized pain management program for you.

Would you like to have your surgery at Lakeview Hospital?
Consult with your Twin Cities Orthopedic surgeon to see if you're a candidate for surgery at Lakeview Hospital.

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