Lakeview Health System

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - Lakeview Hospital was recognized as one of the top hospitals in the nation by Cleverley + Associates

Lakeview Hospital was recognized nation-wide as a “Five-Star” hospital after scoring within the top twenty percentile in Cleverley + Associates' Community Value Index.

Cleverley + Associates conducted an evaluation on US Hospitals to develop the Community Value Index. This evaluation was developed to measure the value that hospitals provide to the community. It is composed of ten measures that assess a hospitals performance in four specific areas, Hospital cost structure, charge structure, quality performance, and financial viability and plant reinvestment. Hospitals that have strong performance in each of the four areas are awarded the “Community Value Five-Star.” 

Curt Geissler, President of Lakeview Hospital stated, “The long-term goal of Lakeview Hospital has been to be the best value in the metro region based on cost and quality.  While we have believed this to be true, it’s reassuring to have an independent third party confirm that we have achieved our goal.  Since Lakeview Hospital is a part of the HealthPartners family, we also have high quality and low cost tertiary referral partners with Regions and Methodist Hospitals.”